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      why industrial robots are increasingly being invested in companies

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      why industrial robots are increasingly being invested in companies

      Release date:2019-11-22 00:00 Source:http://www.sxjbzy.com Click:

      In recent years, the robot industry has developed rapidly, especially under the dual positive stimulus of the market and policies, the robot industry has continued to heat up. In 2016, China's industrial robot output has reached 72,400 units, an increase of 34.3% year-on-year, and the industrial scale is expanding. The value of industrial robots is that they can create more value than workers: they can do human work, or even better than humans-industrial robots can always perform high-intensity work without rest, they will not make every mistake They are all accurate and there are jobs that humans can't do that they can do. Compared with traditional assembly line workers, industrial robots imitate and surpass their work, which is what makes industrial robots great.

      industrial robots


      Of course, this is a general statement, because I can't fully tell you what industrial robots can do-after all, industrial robots that are constantly improving seem to be omnipotent. These big guys wrapped in metal shells can build cars, build airplanes, process mobile phones, deliver express delivery, package food, and also produce toilets, handle, polish, and polish ... Since the artificial intelligence, they are still rapidly evolution.

      At present, the world has entered the era of Industry 4.0 smart factories. The industrial robot industry is developing at a very fast pace. It is expected that the global industrial robot sales volume will still show a substantial increase in 2017. As China is a major manufacturing country, the impact of labor costs is particularly significant, which has led to the rapid development of China ’s industrial robot industry. After all, under the background of industrial transformation and upgrading, industrial robots have replaced artificial labor as a future trend. And this "4.0" boom has made traditional car manufacturers a major innovation brewing.

      Most automotive production lines are automated, but the staff only edits the code and enters instructions, which makes the industrial robot less "aura". We define Industry 5.0 as the goal of human-machine collaboration, which not only makes the machine and work Collaborating with people securely can also make production easier with our technology.

      The industrial robot manipulator is an automatic operation device that can imitate certain movement functions of human hands and arms, and fixes the program to grasp, carry objects or operate tools. It can replace the heavy manual labor of people to realize the mechanization and automation of production, and can operate in harmful environments to protect personal safety. Therefore, it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy. Advantage:

      1. It can control the output completely according to the plan, have a fixed delivery time for customers, and maintain good reputation and competitiveness;

      2. The risk of accidental injury to employees using industrial robot manipulators will be greatly reduced;

      3. The product is taken out by the robot during normal production, the injection molding machine has a fixed cycle, and the finished product has excellent stability and higher quality;

      4, people will be tired, but the robot will not be tired, no need to rest, especially in the night shift to play the maximum function;

      5, single production and technical personnel, benign management, can realize the robotic manager;

      6. Implement one person and one mechanism. Cooperating with the conveyor belt can also save more manpower and reduce labor wages. Each industrial robot manipulator can save 23 artificial finished products, greatly reducing the cost of the enterprise.

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