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      Market development of multi-function CNC machine tool manufacturers

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      Market development of multi-function CNC machine tool manufacturers

      Release date:2019-11-22 00:00 Source:http://www.sxjbzy.com Click:

      At present, the vast majority of machine tools used in China are ordinary machine tools. The number of ordinary machine tools is huge, and safety issues are prominent. Therefore, security issues have become a major obstacle to its development. Increase the safety performance, improve the intrinsic safety level of the machine tool, and solve the problems of low degree of numerical control, frequent personal injury accidents, low safety level and low production efficiency.

      CNC lathe

      High speed and precision are the eternal goals of the development of multifunctional CNC machine tools. With the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading of mechanical and electrical products has accelerated, and the requirements for the accuracy and surface quality of parts processing have become higher and higher. In order to meet the needs of this complex and changeable market, the current machine tools are developing in the direction of high-speed cutting, dry cutting and quasi-dry cutting, and the machining accuracy is also continuously improved. On the other hand, the successful application of electro-spindles and linear motors, ceramic ball bearings, high-precision large-lead hollow internal cooling, and ball nut forced cold low-temperature high-speed ball screw pairs and linear guide pairs with ball cages The launch of the market also created conditions for the high-speed and precision development of machine tools.

      The multi-function CNC lathe uses an electric spindle, eliminating the links of belts, pulleys and gears, greatly reducing the moment of inertia of the main drive, improving the dynamic response speed and working accuracy of the spindle, and completely solving the problems of belts and pulleys when the spindle is running at high speed. Vibration and noise problems of the drive. The electric spindle structure can make the spindle speed reach more than 10000r / min.

      At this stage, changes in the demand of the domestic machine tool industry are often accompanied by the country's industrial development. Since 2002, China has become the world's largest consumer of machine tools. The structure of China's machine tool industry has been continuously adjusted with the development of the automation industry. At the same time, technological progress has also accelerated the transformation of a new type of industrialization road for sustainable development. With the improvement of the production precision and efficiency of machine tool products, the outlook of China's CNC machine tool market in 2013 has also changed.

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