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      Chinas machine tool industry will come out of a self-developed Kangzhuang Avenue

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      Chinas machine tool industry will come out of a self-developed Kangzhuang Avenue

      Release date:2019-11-22 00:00 Source:http://www.sxjbzy.com Click:

      In the past, the overall level of China's manufacturing industry was relatively weak, and many core technologies were not mastered, resulting in many industries being subject to people. As one of the main industries of the manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools and CNC systems have long been monopolized by foreign countries. Nowadays, with the comprehensive improvement of the comprehensive level of China's manufacturing industry, China's manufacturing industry has repeatedly achieved technological breakthroughs, and many machine tool companies have also successfully explored the international market and enjoyed a global reputation.

      CNC systems

      For example, Dalian Guangyang Technology Group Co., Ltd. Ten years ago, this company imported a CNC machine tool from Germany, and the German customs did not release it, saying that it was afraid of technology outflow. Ordering two machine tools from Japan was locked with encryption, saying that it is to prevent the movement and change of use of CNC machine tools.

      The largest underground plant in Asia built by Dalian Koyo

      Under this blow, the chairman of Dalian Guangyang Yu Dehai set the big goal of "sworn to break the foreign blockade of high-end CNC machine tools". After years of hard work, the largest underground factory in Asia built by Dalian Koyo was successfully launched. The world's top high-end CNC products, CNC systems and functional components such as composite CNC machine tools, serialized robots, and various servo motors produced in this underground factory are all domestically produced, completely breaking the monopoly of Europe, the United States and Japan in the high-end market.

      Today, China's machine tool industry has its own unique opportunities and advantages, and the prospects for China's machine tool industry can be expected. In the future, China's machine tool companies will not forget their original intentions, break through technological innovation, enhance market competitiveness, strengthen manufacturing capabilities, and jointly write a gorgeous chapter for China's machine tool industry.

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